Thursday, October 13, 2011

Caged and in Control

My “not so dominant” wife has been slowly progressing in her dominance. Without much fanfare she has taken full control of our sex life. I’ve often thanked her for taking control, with J giving me a nice positive purr in response. I am embracing my submissive feelings and loving my lack of control. There have been a few times where I really thought something was going to happen, and then she changed her mind. This can be exciting and frustrating at times, but I'm thrilled that she is starting to truly feel in control. She allows sex when she wants it. J is no longer asking “will you be okay waiting?” I don’t know when I will be allowed to pleasure her, and have no clue when she will allow “her” cock to spurt. And unsure of when she will allow me inside of her. That’s how I want it, and I am now getting it. I’m becoming used to only 1 and sometimes 2 orgasms in any given week. I’ve had 3 orgasms so far this month, of which only 2 were allowed. I don’t track mine or hers, but I think J has had 5 orgasms. I’ve been locked almost full-time the past several days and haven’t been out of the cage at all for the past 48 hours. The cock has never been locked as much as in the past month. J is clearly becoming more comfortable keeping her cock in the cage. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been happier in our marriage.

As for the wife led marriage, we are also making progress there. All I’m really doing is as much for her as I can. J loves it and has been happy to have me run around for her, at home and otherwise. She wanted a cold glass of water in the middle of the night a few nights ago when I was unlocked. I went into the kitchen to get it for her as her cock bobbed up and down, nearly fully erect as I served her. Our cocks don’t lie, they do let us know what we like! I often harden in the device as I take care of J. For those of you that worry about turning into some sort of jellyfish if you submit to your wife…it hasn’t happened. I haven’t turned into a wimp, I just try to anticipate her needs. That’s been the key. J doesn’t need the extra work of figuring out what to do with her submissive husband. Her submissive husband (me) anticipates what I can do for her. Of course, she knows I’ll take care of whatever she asks, too. We don’t talk about the whole WLM thing much, but she knows she’s in charge and can make a decision when she wants.

The FLR poll closed a few days ago, and nearly 80% of voters were in a female led! Did I already say that?!?! The numbers didn’t vary much throughout the poll. That said, I’m curious about the wives/girlfriends in those relationships. How “domme" are the women? I’m putting a new poll up to see what readers have to say. I’m also thinking about adding another poll about your favorite kinks/fantasies. Well, I'm pretty sure my readers kink on chastity and maybe femdom. So I'd give you a few other choices!


  1. Wonderful to read and "I’m not sure if I’ve ever been happier in our marriage" quote is one I can relate to too.


    I too enjoy playing with my chain saw and chipper. I do not think the whimp this is real, but makes for fun play time being called one by my wife. She is not that mean to me yet, but like J, she is progressing.

  2. SH,

    All of this has been very fulfilling. We're just getting started, but I know we're on the right road. And no wimps are in the vehicle!

  3. LH,
    Thanks four your comment on my blog.

    Your post above resonates with me. I think my lockup time would be higher if my Queen didn't hate feeling the hard plastic against her when we cuddled. I am actively looking into a softer device such as a Birdlocked to see if that might work better for us.

    It is understood that I am to prepare her breakfast and I do what I can to make her life easier in the most hectic of times, the morning. I have prepared her coffee and carried it upstairs so she can read her email while enjoying her morning cup. On weekends, I have provided her breakfast in bed. It does arouse me to serve her.

    She seems fine with controlling my orgasms and I am getting much better at avoiding "topping from the bottom". Example: she denied me orgasm on Thursday and she texted me Friday that she was going to enjoy watching me come. I fell asleep and as she was coming to bed I woke up. I asked about playtime, and she said she was too tired for that. I just accepted it, and hope that we can play tonight.

    I think I am a "man's man". I am just wired to submit to women. There are numerous times throughout my life that being under the command of a woman (nurse, teacher, etc.) made me feel "funny"; I was too naiive to understand what was going on, but I realize now. But I am a driven, competitive person.


  4. Avoiding "topping from the bottom" is always a challenge. I do think I'm much better than I used to be, i.e., when we first tried a WLM last year. I did so much of that, I only thought we were trying a WLM! Now, I try to let her lead as she wishes, and take care of things so she doesn't have to worry about it. I feel like I've started to "let go" and can now truly accept her authority as is, without trying to steer her every move.

    I've never tried the Birdlocked, but haven't read many positive reviews. I've heard it can be very hard to get into, and I think I also saw something about rashes, etc. Maybe it's so tight that the skin can't breathe. I'm going to metal soon. J is not crazy about the look of the plastic cb. She appreciates what it does for us, just thinks it's ugly!

  5. I am loving your blog!
    Hoping to try this (chastity) with my man soon. I'm kind of nervous about it. But thanks again for your posts!

    1. Glad you like it! Best of luck with locking up your man!