Friday, September 12, 2014

Porn while Locked

I like to view porn as much as the next guy.  Actually, probably more than "that guy".  I've spent plenty of time perusing porn.  No big deal, I know.  The thing is I think I actually enjoy it more when I'm in chastity.  Of course that means I'm not stroking my cock, and that is probably why I actually enjoy it more when I'm caged.  I think I tend to look at those Tumblr blogs a little more intently, and being in chastity, my libido is ramped up.  So I appreciate the beauty of sexuality even more.  I get myself even more aroused…more worked up for J.  I  just sit back and take it all in, and soak in all the beauty of the female form while my cage keeps me well behaved.  Anyway, that's all.  Just something I was thinking about earlier.

P.S. I know I still owe my readers (or the few that still check in) Part Two on my Looker 3.  I will try to do that in the coming days.  Needless to say, I've been away from my blog.  I don't see me doing constant updating, but I'll try not to go months at a time without a post.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My New Device - Part One

As you may know, I bought a Steelworxx Looker 3.  It came in during my long blogging hiatus, so I never posted about it.  The Looker 3 is an open design device designed for men with a Prince Albert piercing.  A padlock is run through the piercing and the cage, making it inescapable and ensuring chastity is maintained.  While I would love to be wearing a device that could not be escaped, both J and I have decided against me being pierced.  That aside, I was interested in getting a device that had an open design.  I’ve owned a Steelworxx Steelheart for a couple years and while the Steelheart is a great device, I’ve decided it’s a little heavier than I would like and harder to stay clean in, too.  I still use the Steelheart from time to time, but don’t typically wear it for more than two days.  The Looker is so much lighter, and also better sized for me.  The sizing isn’t really device related, it’s simply that I’ve gained experience wearing chastity devices, and now have a better idea on how to get things sized just right for me.  You can read about others experiences and while it’s certainly helpful, we’re all different and what works for the chaste guy down the block may not work for you!  Most of the time, my Looker is so comfortable I can barely feel it.  Keep in mind, I’m very accustomed to wearing a device, so that might not be the case if I was new to chastity. 

I decided on the Looker 3 for a few reasons.  I liked it’s open cage design and also absolutely love the Steelworxx integrated lock option.  It’s low profile, very secure, and still key operated.  I can easily slip my tape enclosed emergency key in my wallet, and my wife can still carry her key on her necklace (though she doesn’t wear it very often!).  After having that style lock on my Steelheart, I didn’t want a padlocked design like on my cb-6000s.  As for the modifications, since I don’t have a PA, I didn’t need the PA padlock.  I also wanted to make urinating less messy.  Instead of a series of very small holes at the cap, I had Steelworxx cut a slot to allow easy line up of the meatus and a clean urine stream.  I do need to make sure I’m lined up, but once I am, it’s pretty easy.

I will add more photos and cover more about the device in Part Two.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wonderful Chastity

I’m enjoying this lock-up immensely.  I’ve been in my Looker 3 (that's me wearing it today) most of the past week.  It’s been a great cycle.  I’ve given J two intense orgasms and she came close another time, but with some visiting relatives in the house that particular night she couldn’t get over the hump to a climax.  

Even so, we’ve had a lot of intimacy and I’ve been let out for some fantastic teasing, but kept orgasm free for the past 7 days.  I’m loving it and will be asking to remain chaste for at least a while.  I'm in no hurry to cum as I'm feeling too good to want the after orgasm let down.  The only thing I want more than to cum for J, is to remain chaste for her.  As long as she continues to cum, I think I’ll be content aching for her.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello World!

Needless to say, I haven’t been blogging.  The chastity devices have been put away in the closet for the most part.   And even when one has been attached to my junk...well, I just haven’t felt like writing about it.  I don’t want to simply repeat the same stuff over and over.  No fun in that.  Anyway, both J and I are alive and well.  

And yes, I was told to lock it up today.  I’m currently locked in a Steelworxx Looker 3.  I had it modified a bit, as I don’t have a PA.  While I’m still intrigued about getting pierced, I’m not quite ready and J is even less convinced than I am.  As you might imagine, her desire for the piercing (or lack thereof) is what stops me from getting it  done.  It scares me enough to avoid it on my own volition.  So, as long as she isn’t there...neither am I.  Anyway, I really like our Looker 3.  It’s a more open device as you can see here.  It’s easy to keep clean and J loves how it keeps me secure, yet still allows some access for her.  And she seems to like the look at least as much as the Steelheart.  I’ll have to ask her which is most pleasing to her eye...I’m not sure, but she might even like the Looker 3 best.  I’ll probably write more about the Looker in an upcoming post, since it’s new material.  If any of you “chaste” or “hope to be chaste” men have questions about the device, feel free to add a comment/question.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting Exercise

J has been using her cock often the past couple weeks.  She’s had me out more.  Its also been a good month for penetration.  I’ve been allowed inside J 5 times so far in November, and she had me orgasm 3 of those times!  She’s been in the mood for more traditional lovemaking as opposed to receiving pleasure and teasing me while I remain locked.  Even though I love being kept chaste for her, I’m okay with doing what she wants when it comes to chastity.  Going with the flow seems to work best.  

After 7 orgasm-free days, J allowed me to cum inside her yesterday.  I was on cruise control and in the zone, so didn’t feel the need to orgasm.  I felt like I was in the right mindset for a longer cycle, but J had other plans.  It’s funny how sometimes I can have a hair trigger after several days without cumming, and other times I feel like I can give J a good pounding and hold back while still thoroughly enjoying it.  This was the latter.  I had been inside her 2 other times in the past few days and did not orgasm either time.  Yesterday, J wanted to feel me explode inside her pussy.  I told her I could wait if she wanted, but she was clear...I was to cum inside her.  It was intense :)  I was smiling after such a good session.  I don’t think I could ever give up all penetration with J.  She would never want that, either.  Even though J doesn’t cum from PIV, she still loves the closeness and intimacy that goes along with PIV.  I feel the same.  I went back into the cage this morning, so we will see if J continues to exercise her cock.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Not Much Happening

I am happily back under lock and key as of today.  I had been out alot recently.  J was sick for a while, and then we had some vanilla sex mixed in with a few short lock-ups.  It was the first time in about 2 months that things were super vanilla, so it was fun.  Then when I was back in, the problem shifted to me, as I was having some cage related discomfort.  The ensuing pain was enough to need to come out of the device.  Neither of us are big on forcing it if I’m having issues.  J knows I love being locked for her, and I don’t complain unless its legit.  A couple days of hanging free always resolves any issues and allows me to go back into the tube without any lingering damage to her property ;)  So, I’m back in, though I have some security screenings in my future this week, so will need to come out again.  Oh well, life does get in the way sometimes.  I’m looking forward to getting back to the normal routine of being kept by J.

and so far, no play with the new strap-on harness.