Friday, July 1, 2016

Too Many Flakes!

Thought I’d write up a quick update.  Overall, things are good in Locked Husband land, though we seem to be having trouble finding good lovers for my wife.  Only one of her lovers is still in the mix.  He was her second lover.  Only one play date with him so far, but another is likely to happen this month.  He’s a class act, though J’s attraction to him is only about a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10.  We would be thrilled to find her a guy that really gets her hot and bothered, but that’s been tough to find thus far.  We did meet a new guy for a drink earlier this week, and we both liked him.  He’s new to the hotwife/cuckold dynamic, and he’s gone quiet, so we’re thinking he might be bailing already.  Too bad, as she liked him and he seemed like a quality guy.  We’ve met a few guys for drinks since my last post, and most just didn’t work for her tastes, and one bailed right in the middle of the meet.  Think it was a bad case of nerves!  There is one other that is still a possibility, but he seems high-maintenance.  Not sure if we have the patience to deal with him.  We’ll see what happens, as he also wants to move slow.  Otherwise, getting mostly flakes.  They chat, then seem to disappear.  Not even making it to the point of meeting for a drink.  Truly amazing how hard it is to find a good man to have sex with my wife!

As for our sex life, things have been great, minus a couple lulls due to work, etc.  Last week was great, lots of intimacy.  Even with the long gap since the last play date, we’re both still enjoying the cuckold lifestyle.  We’re extremely comfortable in our roles as hotwife and cuckold.  We’re coming up on a year since that exciting first night, and neither of us have any regrets.  Moving forward, we’d like to find her at least a couple steady lovers.  Easier said, than done.  I’d say we have one now, but his availability is limited, and it’s been a few months since we played.  That’s too long.  We want one, maybe two play dates a month.  That would be perfect.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Changing of the Rules

I’m not going to lie, I’ve hemmed and hawed about having a conversation with J about requesting some changes on how “we do things”.  While we’ve played with chastity and her having control of my cock for years, it’s usually been "on and off".  She might take firm control for a handful of days, but it’s never been consistent, daily control.  I’ve thought about what  would that be like?  I mean not being able to masturbate at will (most of the time) would be different.  The past few years it’s been forbidden for a few days, maybe a week…then back to being free to jerk it at will for a month or two.  I mean, that has it’s upside, pleasuring myself is fun!  I like to cum, don’t all guys enjoy that?!  But guys like me, we're a little different.  We actually would rather not have that option.  My desire for my hotwife to truly take control go deep.  This desire has been there a long time, and never goes away.  Becoming a cuckold couple was another of those strong desires that has been realized, and we both love it!  So, with that deep desire fulfilled, I’ve wrestled a bit with this other desire, which in reality is more encompassing, because it impacts us everyday, not just on occasion like the cuckolding.

While we have some female led dynamics in our marriage for sure, we prefer to lead a largely vanilla relationship outside of the bedroom with some exceptions.  But in terms of my sexuality, what I’ve been craving is for J to completely “take over” control of my sex.  I want my sexuality to flow through her, so to speak.  So we finally had a talk about these desires, and we’ve come to agreement that she will, at the least, try to fully take the reigns on this.  She has jumped in with both feet!  Already, she’s added stipulations I hadn’t even thought about.  Like they say, be careful what you wish for!  That said, I’ve been wanting this real control for a long time, so I’m pretty thrilled.  I anticipate this will likely mean more lock-ups (it has so far), probably fewer orgasms for me, and the prohibition of self-pleasuring without her permission.  The rules may change as we go along, but here’s where they stand now...J now decides if, when, and how I’m pleasured...period.  I’m allowed to ask, but she can say no.  She will also direct who or what I‘m allowed to think about.  Of course, that is hard to police, but we have an unwritten “list” of women I’m allowed to fantasize about.  I should mention while she is free to take lovers, I'm not allowed any real-time play with other women.  We have both decided this is what works for us.  As for my "fantasy women", J has already struck a few off this list, like our twenty something neighbor who she knows I find very attractive.  She seems to not want me thinking about younger women.  J has also decided which adult related sites I’m allowed to view on the net.  There are now only five I’m allowed to view without asking permission first (all blogs count as one of those five).  We toyed with her managing my internet habits in the past, but it wasn’t enforced.  That looks to be changing.  Again, I’m thrilled.  I think this has all been long overdue and something I believe I "need".  I’ll be curious what other rules she implements.  One thing I do know is I love aching for J, and have the feeling I will be doing more of that!  I know this will be challenging at times, but I’m ready.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Back in Chastity

I’m 3 days into chastity...real time pic above ;).  While J is very permissive with my orgasms, I masturbated on Friday when I had promised two days before that I would behave.  I knew I was wrong and admitted to her that I thought I needed to lock-up.  She agreed and I’ve been in the device since Saturday morning.  I often come out to sleep, but have not been out at all.  She had to head out of town for a business trip, so I’m now home alone and remain locked.  I’m actually thankful for this.  I like to behave, but sometimes the urge is so great for me that I really need the help of a chastity device.  While my device could be partially escaped, it’s enough of a deterrent for me.  When I’m locked, I just don’t orgasm, that’s been the case for years now with very few exceptions.  So, I’m happy I’m locked.  

J and I have had a few conversations over the past few years about her keeping me locked up more often, but it rarely happens.  When she returns home, I think I will bring the topic up again.  I think I’m a better behaved hubby when my orgasms are more actively controlled by J.  I’m not really looking to be locked 24/7, but I think more frequent chastity would serve us well.  I also notice I pamper her and am more attentive to her wants and needs...and I know we both like that.  And while I’m allowed to fantasize about other women in the bedroom, I find my focus shifts to just her when I’m kept chaste.  While I like being allowed to freely think about other women on occasion (J allows this and I speak very openly about my fantasies), I like how I’m almost entirely focused on J when I’m in chastity.  I mean, I’m always focused on her, but it’s very intense when she is holding my key!

I put up a poll the other day, please take a look!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cuckolded Again (and loving it)

We’ve settled into our "new life" as a cuckold couple.  It feels pretty normal to both of us now.  It was about 7 months ago that we first went down this road, and we both love it!  J has truly blossomed into an amazing hotwife.  She is a natural, and is into it more than I could have anticipated.  We both still feel rock solid in our marriage, and continue to have no regrets.  I feel as good, or even better, than I did before the hotwifing started.  We still keep the focus on each other, yet enjoy this new extracurricular activity that celebrates her sexuality.  I love seeing her pleasured and receiving that extra attention.  I love that she is a liberated hotwife! I know this isn't for every couple, but I often think vanilla couples are missing out.

J recently played with her third lover, Brad, and while the playdate was fun for both of us, we’ve decided she won’t play with him again.  It was a good time, and I even enjoyed my first cream pie (he was tested).  We both enjoyed that experience, and I have to admit I enjoyed cleaning her up.  I think it’s fairly common for cuckolds to desire this, and I guess I’m no exception!  We are now looking at a possible second date with Dave.  It’s always harder to get these dates scheduled than you might hope, but well worth the wait!  

Thursday, January 14, 2016

International Male Chastity Day?

I was perusing Tumblr and see some posts about today being International Male Chastity Day.  Anyone heard of this?  It's news to me.  Funny thing is my wife let me out last night and insisted I cum today after 5 days!  Came nice and hard inside her early this morning.  Have a feeling she will have me lock-up tomorrow.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Second Lover for Her and More Chastity for Me

It took several months to happen, but my wife recently played with another lover.  We found him on…gasp…Ashley Madison a couple months ago.  We chatted with him for about two months before our schedules aligned for a drink only meeting.  He is often traveling for work, so not that easy to setup.  The drink meet went well, and a date was set for a couple weeks later for the first play date.  Her second lover is a very respectful and personable guy.  J is not attracted to him as much as the first guy, but she likes him and had a great time.  We were tight on time for this date, so only had about two hours for playtime.  He was more hung than her first lover, with a thick 7" cock.  As I may have mentioned in past posts, I'm not small at 6-6½ inches, but I'm not thick.  J has never climaxed from penetration, but enjoyed some different pleasurable sensations from her new lovers thick cock.  I enjoyed her moans as he thrusted into her.  I stayed close to her, often kissing her and holding her hand as he pleasured her.   Like the first time, it was very erotic for both of us.  Unlike the first guy that faded away, we do anticipate more dates with him.  We'll call him Dave (not his real name).  There is also another gentleman we met for a drink over the summer that is in the mix, we'll call him Brad (also, not his real name).  J is more attracted to Brad, and is eager to play with him.  He is another business man that is often on the road, but we're looking at an early February date if everything comes together.  So things are going very well in terms of my liberated hotwife enjoying herself, and of course, me enjoying this fun with her. 

As we entered the New Year, I told J that I would love to feel more "kept" by her, and encouraged her to keep me chaste and wanting more often.  I love when she cums for "both of us"…so erotic!  She is already doing this, and I've been kept locked more in the past week, than I was in the last 2-3 months of 2015.  I'm not hoping for anything extreme, but was feeling a bit jealous of the "more kept" cuckolds I read about in other blogs, etc.  So far, so good!  I feel the energy coursing through me, even as I type this…locked away for my gorgeous, sexy wife! :)